Expert General Plumbing Repair Near You in Dallas, TX

$30 Plumbing Repair Consultation

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Schedule Your Plumbing Repair Near Dallas, TX Today!

Expert General Plumbing Repair Near You in Dallas, TX

$30 Plumbing Repair Consultation

Consultation Price


Schedule Your Plumbing Repair Near Dallas, TX Today!

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Essential Plumbing Service is Proudly & Professionally Offering Plumber Services in the Dallas, Texas area.
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Our Promise to You is to Perform the Correct Plumber Repair at an Honest Price

We keep our commitment to you by sending our trained, certified and insured technicians to your home who will do the job right the first time. Our background checked technicians have the skills, knowledge, and tools for all your Plumber Repair needs.

When an Essential Plumbing Service Repair professional comes to your home, they will first take the time to explain all of your options before starting any services so you can feel confident to make an informed decision before any work begins.

You can contact us day or night at (469) 555-5555 or Contact Us any time including after hours and for emergency services. We service and repair most brands of equipment, so you can trust us to perform a professional Plumber Repair job.

When your home is in need of Plumber Repair, you can trust that the experts at Essential Plumbing will do the job right – the first time.

At Essential Plumbing, we are not happy until you’re happy.

Signs Your Home Plumbing System Needs Repair

The plumbing in your home needs to function properly in order for those that reside in your home to live comfortably. That’s why when you notice any issue with your plumbing, it is important to have it repaired by a professional. Signs your home plumbing system needs a repair include:

Banging or Knocking Sounds.

Normally, you should not hear any sounds coming from your home’s plumbing system. If you do, that is a likely sign that your home plumbing system has a problem that needs to be looked at by a professional. Homeowners should pay special attention to any banging or knocking sounds coming from their home’s pipes.

Continuous Dripping.

In the event that your showerhead or faucet from a sink somewhere in your is dripping continuously when it should be off, you may have an issue within your home plumbing system that needs a professional repair. The continuous dripping could be a simple issue with the tap, or due to a larger problem with your system’s water pressure.

Drain Issues.

Drain issues can also be indicative of a plumbing system in need of repair. Clogged or slow moving drains could be a sign of a broken pipe that needs to be repaired.

No Hot Water.

Sometimes your home’s hot water heater may reach maximum capacity, which results in you having to wait for the water in your home to heat back up again. However, if at the start of the day when you first turn a faucet or shower on and the water won’t heat up, that usually is an indicator that you have an issue in your plumbing system that needs to be repaired by a professional.

Poor Water Pressure.

Poor or low water pressure is a strong indication that you have something wrong with your plumbing system that needs to be addressed. You could have poor, low, or uneven water pressure due to a clogged pipe, a burst pipe, or a damaged water heater.

Regardless of your home plumbing issue at hand, 3 Mountains Plumbing expert technicians will determine your needs before any work is done, so you can make the best decision possible for your family and your Portland, OR home.

Get the Trusted, Premier General Plumbing Repair Experts You Deserve Near you In Dallas, TX

Essential Plumbing offers a full line of installation, maintenance, and repair that your home’s plumbing may require, no matter the problem or time of year. You can count on our trusted professionals for their exceptional service and quality craftsmanship. Essential Plumbing is proudly and professionally serving the greater Dallas, TX area.

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Is your home plumbing experiencing issues? Essential Plumbing is the trusted name in Dallas, TX plumbing installation and repair services near you. Schedule a home plumbing service cost estimate from one of our certified professional plumbers today and ensure your plumbing system is running smoothly all year long!

Essential Plumbing Offers Competitive Prices on Residential Plumbing Repair & Installation Near Dallas, TX

$30 Plumbing Repair Consultation

Consultation Price


What you get from 3 Mountains Plumbing:

• We’ll bring 20+ years of expertise to your home
• Diagnose the problem with your plumbing
• Provide a variety of solutions to meet every budget
• Upfront and fixed pricing – no time & materials
• Delightful service
• Payment plans available
• NO dispatch fees.
• Excellent warranties

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What is the most common plumbing problem?

Common plumbing problems include clogged drains, hot water issues, and poor water pressure. If you are encountering any of these and need them addressed by a professional, call Essential Plumbing today to schedule an appointment.

What are the most common plumbing problems and how do you fix them?

Not all home plumbing problems necessitate the same repair. In fact, usually different problems require different repairs. No need to fret though, the expert technicians from Essential Plumbing have the capability and expertise to conduct a repair, no matter the problem with your home plumbing system.

How do you diagnose a plumbing problem?

Signs your plumbing system has a problem include continuous dripping from faucets, discolored water, or an unexplained increase in your monthly water bills. If you notice any of these signs of a problem with your home plumbing system, call Essential Plumbing to schedule an appointment with a technician to inspect your plumbing system.

How Do I Know When to Replace My Plumbing Fixtures?

Most plumbing fixtures are designed to last for many years, however they may need to be replaced sooner if signs of wear and tear appear or if you want a more efficient fixture. When replacing your fixtures, it’s important to make sure you’re using a qualified professional who can install the fixture correctly and safely.

What are Some Plumbing Repairs I Can Do Myself?

Some minor plumbing repairs that you may be able to do yourself include: cleared clogged drains, replacing worn washers and valve seals, tightening loose pipe connections, replacing a leaking faucet, and installing shut-off valves. If you’re not confident in your ability to do these repairs yourself, it’s best to contact a professional plumber for assistance.

What is the Best Way to Locate a Qualified Plumber?

The best way to locate a qualified plumber is to ask for references from friends and family. You can also check online reviews, the Better Business Bureau, or your local chamber of commerce for any recommended plumbers in your are

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